How to impress at your next interview

Feeling nervous before a job interview is natural, and a certain amount of nerves can be an asset, but before you let those nerves take over, remember these points:

You were invited to interview because the potential employer feels you are capable of doing the job so be confident in your own skills!

No one has time to waste, particularly when it comes to hiring new team members, so erase any feelings of self-doubt. The interviewer has seen your CV and has spotted something in it that they are excited by, that is why they asked to meet you, so go in believing that you deserve to be there.

It’s not cyberstalking, it’s good interview preparation.

There is a wealth of information available online about not only the company you are interviewing with, but also about the people with whom you are meeting, so do your research. The interviewers have most likely looked you up as well. You should know what the organisation’s strengths and weaknesses are and be able to speak to how your skills can benefit that organisation. If there is something you didn’t find out online but are curious about, ask them, it shows you are interested and informed.

Know your own CV.

The first part of an interview is invariably about you, so make sure you can speak fluidly about your background and how it is applicable to the role you are interviewing for. If there are elements of the job description that you have experience in, be prepared to discuss that with the interviewer(s) and describe how you can use that experience to get a running start in a new role. If there are elements of the job description that you do not have experience in, be honest about it, but also be prepared to answer questions about how you would see those elements as growth areas that will keep you interested in the role over the long term.

Remember that you are interviewing the organisation as much as they are interviewing you so ask about the long-term potential of this role.

You should be inquisitive about your next role, so ask questions about what it is like to work at the organisation and also ask about the interviewers’ own time at the organisation. Why did they join the company? What makes them stay? What do they think this role has to offer someone like you over the longer term? These are all questions that show you are serious about this role and that you are making sure it is something you are committed to.

Be a positive person and don’t say negative things about your current/last role.

You may have a lot of things that frustrate you about your current role, but potential employers are very wary of someone who airs their grievances. If they ask you why you are looking to leave your current role, don’t give them a laundry list of all the things that are wrong, instead, focus on the valuable experience you have gained and focus on the fact that you are looking to stretch yourself in a new role with some exciting growth potential that you may not currently have. If you are introspective about it, you will most likely find some things in your current role that have been good for you, so acknowledge them and then focus on what is next for your career.

Avoid silly mistakes and ensure you have everything you need for your interview in advance.

Whether you are taking part in a face-to-face interview, or virtual, make sure you are ready. If your interview is in person, make sure you leave yourself plenty of time to get there and know your route. If the interview is virtual, then make sure you are in a quiet room where you won’t be disturbed and you have good internet service. Make sure the environment behind you is tidy and looks professional. No matter the interview format, make sure you look professional and are smartly dressed. Presentation matters.

Don’t be afraid to ask about next steps after your interview.

At the end of the interview, you have one final chance to make a great impression, so thank the interviewer for their time and politely enquire about what the next steps are. This will leave them with the impression that you are interested and that they haven’t wasted their time.

Lastly, and very importantly, contact the recruiter who sent you on the interview.

I cannot stress this enough as we are the people who can help guide you through the interview process and are very much on your side. We are here to act as a liaison and want to see you succeed, so please give us as much information as you can so we can be truly consultative.

If you would like to explore your career possibilities, please contact Jennifer on 0330 052 6362/07897 074 892 or  

Jennifer Wellspeak has an extensive background in legal recruitment dating back to 2003, during which time she has held roles in both agency and in-house legal recruitment, with a focus on the London market. 

Jennifer’s legal recruitment experience is broad, having worked on various roles such as interim, in-house, private practice, as well as non-fee-earning legal positions including Professional Support Lawyers/Knowledge Management Lawyers, in-house counsel for law firms, and risk and compliance/conflicts roles. 


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