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Finding the right agency to assist with your career change can be a daunting task. You will need a reliable and experienced partner who can guide you through the recruitment process and serve as a trusted advisor throughout your professional journey.


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We have a wealth of experience

Our experience spans over five decades, in providing guidance and support.

Whether you are exploring your options or actively seeking a new role, we take the time to understand your motivations and priorities for your next career move.

Regardless of your situation, we are well-equipped to offer tailored advice on navigating the current job market, crafting an effective CV, and mastering interview techniques.

Our commitment to you extends beyond the recruitment process and as you settle into your new role.

We value long-term relationships you throughout your career.

Associate to Partner roles in private practice

With more than 50 years’ experience in the legal recruitment industry, we understand the significance of a career move at all levels, from NQ/ Associate through to Legal Director and Partner.

With our extensive law firm and in-house relationships, we can assist you in finding a position that offers the ideal blend of career advancement and cultural compatibility, ensuring a long-term career move. We act as independent consultants, gaining insights into your priorities for your next role, and supporting you throughout the entire recruitment process. We offer guidance on maximising the impact of your CV, refining your interview technique, arranging the logistics of interviews, and negotiating potential job offers.

Our team recognise that many roles are not advertised, which is why our well established network with top firms is vital to your career development. We take pride in creating opportunities that enable individuals to advance their careers.

Candidate Journey Restructuring & Special Situation Lawyer / Associate Talis Legal Recruitment

In-house roles

We have the knowledge and experience to find the right in-house legal role for you.

Our strong relationships with start-ups to FTSE 100 companies, allow us to help you find a role that offers you the right career development and cultural fit, ensuring that your next move is a long-term success. Our team act as independent consultants, taking the time to understand your priorities for your next position, and ensuring that we will be there for you throughout the entire recruitment process – from the initial application to assisting you in settling into your new role. At Talis Legal Recruitment, we love creating opportunities that enable individuals to advance their careers.

Business service and professional support roles

We have extensive expertise in non-fee-earning legal positions and can offer practical support and guidance on your career, if you intend to move away from a conventional fee-earning role.

The legal world is undergoing significant changes, opening up a range of opportunities available to you beyond the typical billable hours targets for lawyers across all disciplines.

These opportunities include acting as a Professional Support Lawyer (PSL) or Knowledge Management Lawyer (KM), Legal Practice Manager (LPM), In-House Lawyer providing advice to a firm, Information Governance Lawyer, Data Protection Manager, Risk and Compliance Lawyer, and Conflicts Manager.

Our team has wide experience on these opportunities and can advise you on how to structure your CV and present yourself in the best possible light if you wish to move away from a traditional legal role. We can also assist you in preparing for interviews and confidently navigating the recruitment process.

Candidate Journey Private Client Talis Legal Recruitment

Get in touch!

Whether you envisage a traditional legal career or are considering alternative career paths, we have the expertise to help you find the perfect fit. Our approach is personal and centred around getting to know you as an individual. We believe that people are at the heart of what we do, and we strive to build a meaningful relationship with each candidate.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us on 03300 523072 or via email at to begin a conversation.


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