How to Handle Multiple Job Offers

I have worked in legal recruitment for a long time now and if there is one thing that candidates find stressful, it’s the idea of multiple job offers and how to handle them. Believe me, this happens regularly in the market and it’s a high-class problem, after all, who doesn’t like options?
If you are fortunate enough to have more than one choice for your next role, here is an effective way to manage the situation:
If you have multiple offers, make sure you have them in writing.  A verbal offer is just an exploratory offer, you need to see all the terms of the role in writing in order to make an informed decision.  This will give you the chance to ask about flexible working options, benefits, bonus, etc.  These are all important factors and should be made clear to you before you can compare the offers objectively.
If you do have a choice in written offers, create a list of what you like, or what you would like to improve, about each of them.  While you do have some leverage with multiple offers, it is not endless so make sure you only ask about things that you really do care about.
Honesty is important and people will respect you for it.  Whether you accept an offer or not, you don’t want to leave an organisation with a bad impression of you, so make sure you are transparent.  They will admire an honest answer along the lines of “I’m very flattered and intrigued by your offer, but I also have another opportunity, so I would appreciate it if you would give me a few days to make a considered decision”.  The most likely scenario is that they will say yes, and if they don’t, they probably are not the company you want to work for 
If you are in the final stages of the interview process with another company, let them know that you have received an offer.  Again, transparency is important.  People invest a huge amount of valuable time in the hiring process, so if you are open with them and say “I’m really excited about this opportunity, but I do want to make you aware that I have received another offer in the event that changes your timeline” you are letting them know if they need to expedite things or move on with another candidate, which means you aren’t wasting their time.
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Gratitude, Gratitude, Gratitude!  At the end of this, someone will be disappointed, but it is important to leave them with a good impression of you, you never know when you will cross paths again.  Reject the offer with grace and don’t ghost the other offer, acknowledge that they made their best offer, thank them very much for their time and consideration and let them know you really grappled with your decision, but you ultimately feel the other offer suits you better.  Wish them well with finding someone else.  Admittedly, it is difficult to disappoint someone, but if you direct with the stakeholders and reject the offer with a genuine thank you, you will still have made a positive impression.


Your recruitment consultant is there to guide you if you need help.  If you are unsure of how to approach the situation, ask your recruiter for help, that is what we are here for.  We have been through this with candidates before and are happy to provide guidance on how to communicate with potential employers.


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Jennifer’s legal recruitment experience is broad, having worked on various roles such as interim, in-house, private practice, as well as non-fee-earning legal positions including Professional Support Lawyers/Knowledge Management Lawyers, in-house counsel for law firms, and risk and compliance/conflicts roles.

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